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Easton Garcia

Iichiko Shochu - 750 ml

Iichiko Shochu - 750 ml

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Japan's national spirit, shochu, is a white spirit with a light body, silky finish, and an extraordinarily rich flavor. Made entirely of barley, Iichiko Shochu is produced in the Oita Prefecture, which is well-known for its geothermal springs, mountains, and lush cedar forests. Iichiko uses naturally filtered water that is extraordinarily soft and iron-free, passing through a mile of volcanic rock. In the vernacular, Iichiko (pronounced EACH-ko) means "it's great." In Japan, iichiko Shochu is a well-known brand that sells more than 8 million cases. Every Asian restaurant stocks the incredibly well-liked bottles and label, which are a high-end must. Its popularity stems from how well it pairs with so many different Asian dishes.

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