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Easton Garcia

HexClad Hybrid Cookware 6 Piece Pot Set with Lids

HexClad Hybrid Cookware 6 Piece Pot Set with Lids

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HexClad cookware combines high quality stainless steel with a laser-etched non-stick surface featuring our patented hexagonal design to provide the ideal hybrid cooking performance. Utilizing a tri-ply construction, our cookware has a layer of aluminum encapsulated between two layers of stainless steel for perfect heat distribution. The cooking surface is a combination of ceramic, diamond dust and stainless steel for the best balance of utility and performance. HexClad Cookware is ready for any kitchen, thanks to compatibility with all types of cooktops including induction, gas, electric and ceramic, as well as being oven-safe at up to 260 degrees celsius. Keeping your HexClad Cookware looking clean is a breeze; the surface is metal-utensil resistant to avoid scratches and can be cleaned with steel wool pads and scorching. In addition, all HexClad Cookware is dishwasher-friendly (though hand-washing is highly recommended). HexClad's products are created to last a lifetime. With HexClad in your kitchen, you can be confident that your cookware will always look and perform to your expectations.

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