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White Pine Lodge Preferred Caterer List

Meat Rushmore Barbecue

Meat Rushmore Barbecue

Meat Rushmore's championship competition style BBQ will let you eat like the judges do. From their melt in your mouth pulled pork, to not quite fall off the bone ribs, to succulent burnt ends and anything else they dream up. They do a great job to surprise and delight our brides and their guests at White Pine Lodge. 


Phone - (816)-721-4995

Catering Policy

Only caterers that are approved by White Pine Lodge are allowed to provide food service, food handling, and food clean up for weddings here. 

Our preferred list of caterers are pre-approved for weddings at White Pine Lodge. These caterers are highly reputable, know our venue, and are committed to exceeding the standards of White Pine Lodge. You are not required to select a caterer from our preferred list, but all caterers that serve at the lodge are required to become approved before you sign a contract with them.

Caterer Approvals

Caterers not on our preferred list must seek approval from White Pine Lodge to cater weddings here. If you have booked your date with us DO NOT sign a caterer’s contract before they become approved to cater at the lodge.

Requirements for Catering Approval:

Licensed and insured with White Pine Lodge at Fort Osage Farm LLC as the additionally insured.

Provide food that is prepared off site and brought fully cooked and ready to serve.

Set up buffet table and refill

Buss all tables before dancing

Take all food tins away from property

Wrap or take leftover food for transport

Clean kitchen and buffet area

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Better Value

Offering infinite catering choices further enhances the value of choosing White Pine Lodge for your wedding. Other venues that require you to buy their food or choose from a restricted list of caterers will only cost you more money.