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Easton Garcia

Bulleit Old Fashioned Cocktail (375 ml)

Bulleit Old Fashioned Cocktail (375 ml)

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Serve up a timeless drink from the comfort of your home with Bulleit Manhattan Cocktail. This ready-to-serve cocktail was concocted with some of the most celebrated and creative bartenders to ensure a bar quality cocktail experience straight from the bottle. The clean, satiny and woody notes of straight rye whiskey join with sweet vermouth and bitters to offer up a perfect Manhattan cocktail. This cocktail was designed for you to spend less time making drinks and more time sharing them with your friends and family. Bulleit is rooted in cocktail culture, and this take on a classic was crafted to honor it. This cocktail is best enjoyed straight up or over ice, and garnish as desired. Includes one 75 proof 375 mL bottle of Bulleit Manhattan Cocktail. Please drink responsibly.

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